Literacy - Reading, Writing and Spelling

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These links have fun activities to help you with your reading, writing and spelling.
Alphabet games
Spring Bee

Starfall alphabet
Who am I -
Learning the alphabet -
Patrick builds a birdhouse

The unhappy rain cloud

Counting hats with Elmo and Zoe

Green and Yellow groups

Words and pictures -

Red and Blue groups
Rugby - Official world cup site

Build Your Wild Self A fun look at creating your own character, using parts of animals, developing an understanding of the purpose of these animal parts.
Spelling and Vocabulary Try some of these fun games for spelling and Vocabulary.
Spellingcity A fun way to practice and learn the spelling words Mrs Ormsby gives you.
Word fun Create some fun word clouds.
Telescopic Text Watch your story grow.
Story Starters Some great ideas to help with story writing.
Poetry Page Create some fun poetry using fridge magnets.
PicLit Choose a picture, have some fun adding some nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.
EtherPad Write a collaborative Story.
Larger Than Life Objects Create a story on how this came to be. What is it doing? What has happened, or might happen?
Where Did the River Go Create your own story.
Kerpoof Have fun creating pictures and stories.
Arcademic Skill Builders For language activities using antonyms, synonyms, hononyms, spelling and vowels.
Gtrammar Gorillas A fun way to look at parts of speech.
Starship English A range of English Activities.
Roy - Tale of the Singing Zebra Stories, word and sentence activities. Interactive reading games.
School Time Games Lots of games.
Word Scramble Unscramble the letters and see what words you can make.
Funbrain Reading Read stories online.
Grammar Ninja Do you know your nouns from your verbs, adjectives, articles and prepositions?
Word Drop make words from letters.
Speed Word Be quick, change the words and beat the clock.
Maggies Earth Adventure Verb or noun.
Rats Check your knowledge of nouns and verbs.
Dragon Land Identify questions.
Space Hangman Hangman games, choose your level.
Little Animals Activity Centre Stories and activities.
Tumblebook Read books online.
Big Universe Read and create stories.
Reading Tests Test your reading and comprehension skills.
Power Proof Reading Practice and learn parts of speech.
Sadlier Phonics Select phonics activities at your level.
Wacky Web Tales Lots more activities to help learn parts of speech.

Persuasian Mapping Use this to help map out your speech.